1 August 2017

Smart SDR V2

FlexRadio released its long awaited version 2 of Smart SDR a few days ago and, after a short hiatus while the techies sorted stuff out, I am now running the new version on my 6500.

V2 has a subtly updated API specification but I had been pre-notified of the small change and had already coded in the new facilities. I was pleased to fine that all my software, including the API library and host controller work just fine with Smart SDR V2.

I need to get my stuff away from chez 'WGV and onto a different network from the radio, to see how the remote capabilities in V2 work, both with Smart SDR and with my controller. More on that when I've given it a try but I am not expecting any issues *.

* Update: famous last words. New code required!

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