17 July 2017

PCB and software update

A while ago I suggested that I would make PCBs available for those who wanted to build their own 'WGV FlexRadio controller. This is still my intention but on reflection I think that it is too soon for me to rush to production. Here's my current thinking:
  1. The software really isn't complete yet. It's good enough for my style of operating (HF CW only) but I feel nervous about letting it out into a more general user environment. And, of course, I know where the quirky features are and I'm willing/able to work around them. There are several Flex control functions that I still need to write, mostly to do with modes that I don't really use or functions that I haven't found much personal need for. 
  2. The hardware development, including PCB design, appears to be complete but I can't really be sure that there won't be another revision if software advances change the requirements.
  3. There is a pile of documentation that I will need to write to give others a reasonable chance of building to my design. I'm not really ready to start on this yet.
  4. I only have a very few people showing interest so far, certainly far fewer than is needed to justify a PCB production run of either mini or maxi boards.
  5. I don't have a lot of time at the moment! Too many hobbies demanding my retirement time, especially during the summer months. This sort of thing is really a winter project.
So my plan is to aim for PCB manufacture and release of the software towards the end of the year, perhaps around RSGB Convention time, although that might be somewhat optimistic. If you are one of those keen to get started, I hope you will understand.


  1. Will be nice to see how the project developes. I'm still collecting various parts. To keep me busy I'm putting together the IW7DMH reomote box, and just got it running. Will be a nice addition for remote adventures.
    73 Lasse SM5GLC

  2. Good to hear, Lasse. Hope you're having fun with your Flex radio. The newly released SmartSDR 2 will be a great advance for remote opertion. Enzo has some cool stuff on his web site and was, in part the inspiration for my work as well.

    73, John, G3WGV

  3. Not sure what V2 brings me... I do have a RaspberryPI VPN running w/o any issues, and other than the simplified remote connection, only a few new features. I'm in no rush to upgrade. Finally got the Arduino code modified to do what I want to, there were some issues with Enzo's code (maybe a revision mix between f/w and client s/w), but got a pointer from Enzo, and finally managed to fix it. Beats doing the daily crossword, especially for me beeing a a true coding Simpleton :)
    73 Lasse