24 February 2017

Mini controller PCB update

I have now finalised the mini controller PCB design and it has gone into production today, so I should have three PCBs by the end of next week. Next up is getting the front panels for the maxi and mini controllers CNC milled, hopefully by no later than the middle of March.

It won't take long to build the mini controller board but I fully expect to uncover some new software issues once I have it running. The main issues will probably be around the use of a single physical VFO encoder to control two logical VFOs. Watch this space!

21 February 2017

Mini controller PCB

The (hopefully) final design of the mini controller PCB is now completed and should be going into sample production this week. The mini controller has a single VFO control which can be switched between VFO-A and VFO-B, eight push buttons and four encoders with optional push switches. The plan is that it will fit in a small sloping front instrument case and be suitable for remote operation from a hotel room or wherever.

The mini-controller circuit diagram

PCB layout

Panel layout

My plan is to have examples of both Maxi and Mini controller available for demonstration at the various talks I am giving this year, starting with the GMDX talk on 1st April.