G3WGV Mark II FlexRadio Controller

The Mark II FlexRadio controller is based on an Arduino I/O controller working with a Windows-based host program. The Mk II is still under development - please see the Blog for a running commentary.

This is still very much a work in progress. All pages are present but some are not yet complete.

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  1. This looks fascinating. I was not aware you were working on this project. Are you gearing it toward a product or kit for Sale or as a roadmap for others to build?

  2. Hi OM,

    Really it's the latter if anything. There is a huge amount of interest in SDR and I'm having fun on my personal voyage of discovery, so I'm sharing it with other like minded souls via this web site.

    I'm considering making PCBs available for the Maxi and Mini controllers if there is sufficient interest. At the least I'll make the PCB design files available together, of course, with all the source code.

    73, John, G3WGV

  3. As a contester, I am REALLY interested!
    73, Giulio IZ3EAW