7 August 2017

Remote update

The UKSMG presentation seemed to go well but I wasn't able to do any sort of demonstration because, as I discovered when I got away from my own network, my controller code doesn't work with the new remote feature in Smart SDR V2. To be honest I am not surprised.

So there is new code to write! I have today made arrangements with my Internet Service Provider to get another broadband account set up with its own static IP address. This will enable me to test any new code that I write across the Internet, from one user account to the other. It will be a generally useful thing to have. Fortunately, I run one of the network nodes for our broadband service here at 'WGV Towers, so it's just a case of setting up a new account (already done) and connecting up another router. I should have it all working tomorrow, when the new router arrives.

I also contacted FlexRadio about the API for the new SmartLink features. Hopefully some documentation will be published soon and I can then see what needs to be done.

That's the thing with software... there's always something new to play with.

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