9 April 2017

Going international

It was great to see lots of people at the GMDX convention last weekend. My presentation seemed to be well received and generated a good number of in-depth questions. It was the right decision to not do a demonstration as part of the presentation: there wasn't enough time and it would have been too disruptive. Instead I set up a demonstration station in the coffee area and had a large number of interested visitors with often quite technical questions. It is clear that there is a lot of interest in SDR these days.

http://www.dxconvention.comMy mind now turns to the International DX Convention, more commonly known simply as Visalia. I will be giving a broadly similar presentation there on Friday 21st April at 10:30 in Charter Oak, rooms A/B/E. Again there will be no demonstration but the plan is to have my controllers on the FlexRadio booth. If possible I will try to connect one of them up to a Flex radio - I am sure they'll have one or two there!

If you're a delegate at the convention, please do come by and say hi.