10 August 2017

Remote update II

Things are moving on. I now have two Internet accounts with different static IP addresses, so I can test remote access.

As earlier tests suggested, my controller code doesn't work remotely, even if it is running on the same PC that has negotiated a remote connection. That was somewhat disappointing but now I think about it, it would have been surprising (and probably not a good thing from a security perspective) had it worked.

The SmartSDR radio
connection page for V2
The key to remote operation is a new FlexRadio service called SmartLink. SmartLink brokers a one time only, single use connection between the radio (server) and a client application and having done so disconnects and is no longer part of the session. It's quite a neat solution that removes the need for a VPN.

So I need to understand how SmartLink works. FlexRadio has provided some code in the latest FlexLib API package but there is insufficient detail for me to work out how to code it myself. Or perhaps I'm just not good enough at reading code written in C!

The technical guys at FlexRadio are, apparently, putting together a white paper that will explain the interface for developers to code to but as yet there is no time scale for publication. Meanwhile, adding remote operation capability to my controller code is on the back burner.

How important is remote operation to you? If you're thinking about using my code, would you prefer to wait until it's available or should I release a non-remote version sooner?

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