1 September 2016

The radio returns

My Flex 6500 has returned from its second vacation in Germany this year. This wireless is getting to be better travelled than I am in recent times!

I also have a new (to me) laptop with a 240GB SSD, 8GB of RAM and a quad core I7 processor. It's able to drive multiple screens and my plan is to make this my new station logging/control machine. I already have it running SSDR and it seems to work just fine. I just need to do a bit more work to get all the other stuff I use loaded and working. A job for the weekend I think.

While the Flex was on vacation, I added a lot of new code to my Delphi-based Flex API. This now should, in principle, support all the events and control functions that the Flex Radio API offers. Inevitably there were some minor bugs to iron out but this new version is now working well with my logging software.

The plan now is to get my station back up and running with the new PC and the Flex 6500, so I can continue evaluation and development work. It's probably getting close to time for me to start thinking about my talk at the RSGB Convention and before long I'll need to decide how to make the code and hardware design available to others who may want to make something similar.

Plenty to be getting on with!

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