10 March 2016


The slow boat from Hong Kong finally delivered by TFT colour screen today so I just had to play! These things come with quite excellent libraries so it is fairly easy to create simple display layouts quite quickly. Before long I had a VFO-A/VFO-B display running (no live data yet, just static text).

The colour 800px X 600px touch screen
Although programming the screen is quite straightforward, getting everything laid out nicely is going to be a challenge and will require a fair bit of code. I shall develop the display software separately to begin with, as it makes the code/test/debug cycle much quicker.

The screen is touch sensitive, so I spent a bit of time playing with this as well. It's a bit of a sod to set up but once that's done properly it works just fine. I can foresee the touch screen being used for menu selection activities such as band selection. I think it's less likely that I would consider it as a replacement for twiddly things.

Anyway, it's good to have the final major system component to hand and I think that development should be able to progress quite quickly now. There's still a lot to do...

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