11 October 2016

SDR with knobs on! II

Well that was quite something! When I saw the size of the lecture room that I'd been allocated at the Convention I though I'd be doing well to fill a few rows at the front, with a bunch of hecklers lurking at the back. In fact the room was packed, with a few standing at the back and of hecklers there were none.

I had decided that I would do a quick demonstration and that involved quite a fair bit of setting up, with not much time between the end of the previous lecture and the start of mine. In the end it seemed to work out OK. There were plenty of interesting questions and lots of delegates came up to me afterwards to say how much they had enjoyed the talk.

It was a real pleasure to meet Gerald, K5SDR who came to my presentation and who then gave a complementary presentation of his own in which my controller got a mention. Gerald and I talked for some time about the emergence of SDR into mainstream amateur radio use. All in all a fascinating experience and I hope to follow it up with a visit to the FlexRadio HQ soon.

Unfortunately the talk was not officially videoed and there was an embargo on unofficial videoing. However, you can download the Powerpoint presentation materials from my Dropbox for a taster of what it was all about.


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