15 August 2016


Back in April my Flex 6500 developed a rather odd fault which resulted in the radio being very deaf on 21/24/28MHz. This turned out to be a fault in the front end amateur radio band filter switching - when I set the radio to "Wide", i.e. taking in more spectrum than the amateur band, it was OK. Away the radio went for a vacation in Germany (the European Flex repair facility) and when it returned from its sojourn all seemed to be well.

Last week the fault returned. I suppose, in reality, that it was there all the time (perhaps intermittently) but as I was busy writing software rather than using the radio for making QSOs, I just assumed that the bands were a bit on the dead side. Anyway, the fault seems to be "hard" and, to give FlexRadio and the UK distributor their due, they have acted very quickly to sort it out.

So my software test-bed goes away to Germany again tomorrow and I have another couple of weeks of limited development capability. All is not lost - I can still work on parts of the code that don't directly interact with the radio. And, to be honest, I really ought to be making a start on my presentation for the RSGB Convention in a couple of months' time.

Hopefully when my 6500 comes back from DL it will be 100%, as is the general reputation for these radios. Meanwhile, updates to this Blog may be a little less frequent. I'm off now to make a few more QSOs before I have to pack it in its shipping box.

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