24 July 2016

Multiple profiles & other goodies

The big news this week is that the controller now supports multiple profiles. Swapping between profiles is just a case of a couple of touches on the screen and takes place instantaneously.

In testing I discovered the hard way that it is quite possible to create and then switch to a profile that doesn't include a Menu select switch. At this point I have lost control of my controller, and there is no way to recover to a working profile! I think I shall have to write some code to make that impossible.

In other news the display now shows graphical representations of the various DSP functions: APF, NB, WNB & NR.
You can see the graphics below the S meter, to the right of the filter graphic.Each DSP function is a small horizontal bargraph ranging between 0 and 100%. I have chosen not to add any numerical information, partly because it's unnecessary but also because there really isn't enough space. It's just as well I don't plan to have anything else on the main page!

Each DSP function is turned on or off via a switch that can be defined as required. My standard profile has these as touch areas on the relevant icon just above the frequency display, which seems intuitive.

Finally, I have done quite a lot of tidying up of the code. Some of the early code was a bit ungainly and as the project has progressed I've developed standards that needed to be engineered into this early code. The result is more maintainable, easy to read code, so it's worth the effort.

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