5 July 2016

Front panel update

At last the front panel has come back from the CNC workshop. Although it's taken far longer than it should have, the result is excellent! Everything fits together perfectly and it really does look the part.

The panel with some controls mounted
I fitted some of the controls to get an idea what it would all look like as you can see above. Before final assembly I'll be getting the panel sprayed in a dark grey matt finish and I also need to think what, if any, silk screening to apply. As all the controls are "soft" there is no point labelling them but it may be that some other labelling might be in order.

With the panel completed, I now have all the hardware I require for the first version of the controller. I should now be able to get on with completing the physical construction and, of course, there is still a lot of software to be written (there always is - it's a project without end!).

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