7 May 2016

PCB design

I received the initial draft schematic for the panel PCB last night. Even though there is virtually no logic involved it is still moderately complex and I think it is a good plan to have all this wiring on a PCB rather than trying to do it with Veroboard or point-to-point wiring.

There's a few minor changes to be made before my friend starts laying out the board itself but this is a good start.


  1. Hi John
    Will you be able / willing to make these available to others, either as a kit, or, pre-built, in due course?
    73, Ian GM4KLN

  2. It's an interesting question and something that I have to think about. The approach I am taking uses various free to the end user libraries that prohibit commercial use, so it seems unlikely that the entire unit will ever be available as a commercial kit/product. However it may be feasible to produce kits of difficult to source parts such as the PCB, cut out panel, etc. As is my policy elsewhere, the software would be free for non-commercial amateur radio use. I'll think some more and write a Blog entry about this soon.

    73, John, G3WGV