Mk1 downloads

Mk1 Controller software distribution 


Version 1.000.00, 2016-09-25

The following downloads are for the latest release version. This is the final released version before I started on the Mk II design. Please see suggestions regarding the software development environment in the DevEnv page.

Controller code

There are three separate ZIP files that comprise the controller code.

G3WGVFlexController Version
This is the Controller code proper. It comprises 21 Arduino .ino files that together make up the controller code. Unzip these files into a folder in your Arduino development space. The containing folder must be called G3WGVFlexController.

G3WGVFlexController library Version
This is the Controller code support definitions. It comprises five C language .h files. Unzip these files into a folder in your Arduino library space. The containing folder must be called G3WGVFlex.

G3WGV general library Version
This is a supporting library written by G3WGV. It comprises two C language .h files. Unzip these files into a folder in your Arduino library space. The containing folder must be called G3WGVLibrary.

3rd party libraries
This is IW7DMH's excellent Flex Radio Arduino library, upon which the G3WGV controller is based. This library is slightly modified to add some additional functionality that is used by the G3WGV controller. I am very pleased to acknowledge the excellent work done by Enzo and grateful to him for making his library available. Unzip these files into a folder in your Arduino library space. The containing folder must be called FlexRig.

You will also need the following third party Arduino libraries, which should all be installed in folders within your Arduino library space.

Ethernet "WIZNET" library
SdFat library
TimeLib library 
UTFT basic LCD library
UTFT_GHL advanced display library
URTouch touch screen library 


Note: The controller project is based around the Coldtears (CTE) range of LCD displays, specifically the 800x480 pixel 5" display. The following assumes that you are using a CTE display. If not, you will have to rewrite much of the display code to use a different library.

The controller uses a number of different fonts on the large display. Font support is through UTFT_GHL which is an extension to UTFT written by Graham Lawrence specifically for the CTE range of displays. You can get UTFT_GHL and all the fonts used in the controller directly from him. Graham has given great support to me during the development of the controller project and the small amount he charges for the fonts is money well spent for a superior display.

CTE displays come with the BVS font included. Additional fonts used by the controller are

You will also need some software to upload the fonts to the display. There are two variants, Win_FontICManager and Font<->Folder. Of these, the latter is the best option for a small amount extra. You can get all the fonts you need together with Font<->Folder for just $35.

OK, I've got all that!
With all that lot in place you should be able to compile the Controller software. Please let me know how you get on!

[Updated 2017-06-26: release version of code added and a note regarding the displays that can be used]


  1. Hi John, You never told me you were advertising my efforts! Thank you! I had an order today for the fonts you list. :)

  2. Hi guys ...... You did not mentioned that to use the library you need a special display ....So people can not use a saintsmart CTE display ...

  3. And there fore you can not use the FONTS if you do not have the special display ...

  4. Sainsmart 'CTE' displays are cheap rip-offs, it is unreasonable to think you were misled! I am sorry.

  5. ;o)
    Dont worry be happy .....People need to know that CTE means and you ONLY support if buying one of these and this

    I just find another solution ...but now other will not make the same mistake as me ...

  6. Unfortunately, this is still not a solution as this upgrade is only available to previous buyers of genuine CTE displays.


    If you have previously purchased Coldtears Electronics TFTs product and want to use the UTFT_GHL library, you must replaced your fontIC.

    Upgrade procedures:
    1. Verify the TFT is a genuine CTE TFT LCD. ( all CTE TFT LCD are sold via this ebay website with userid wkws20 ), other brand's TFT is not supported.
    2. Place order and we will verify your purchase history, then we will ship a 128Mbit pre-programmed FontIC to you.
    3. Desolder the old fontIC and replace it.

  7. I have today added a note regarding suitable displays and I've also updated the source code to the latest, release version, 1.000.00. As my development focus is now the Mk II design, I think it unlikely that there will be further releases of the Mk I code.

  8. Hi,
    I am fighting with the same TFT you are using (5' CTE) and I tried to download the but get a 404 error..
    Best regards

    1. My apologies, I have now fixed the links.

      73, John, G3WGV

  9. Thanks John,
    You did a huge work...Best congratulation.
    I am very far from beeing able to acheive this kind of software.
    I just received a 5' CTE TFT and am fighting with the URTouch which does not work for the moment..!
    Best regards