16 June 2017

Belated update

I've been rather remiss in updating this Blog over the past couple of months, although the truth is that not much has been happening on the FlexRadio Controller front.

The USA trip went well and it seems that my presentation at Visalia CA was well received. The visit to FlexRadio in Austin TX was somewhat abbreviated due to staff availability and not helped by a configuration c***up on my part which meant that I was unable to demonstrate the controllers properly. It wasn't until I got back to the UK that I realised what I'd done wrong!

Now safely back in Cumbria, I've been gaining some hands-on experience using the controllers to chase DX and on the whole everything seems to work admirably. A few minor problems have been teased out and the code is moving forward as a result but at nowhere near the pace of a couple of months ago.

My mind is now turning to integration of the host processor into the Maxi Controller cabinet. The key component of this is a Windows Single Board Computer (SBC). I have received and am evaluating the Udoo X86 Ultra SBC for this role. Early indications are promising. The idea, if there is sufficient processing power, is that the SBC will run Smart SDR, the controller host program, logging program and any other ancillary programs needed for DXing. I'll write more about this soon.

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