20 March 2017

Mini controller built

Things have been a bit hectic at 'WGV Towers recently, so there hasn't been much progress to report on the mini controller. I did get it built and have spent some time playing with the software.

In fact rather few issues remained and the mini controller works very well indeed. I have a few minor additional functions that I'd like to implement to make the mini controller more flexible but in general I think we're pretty well there.

I'm just waiting for the mini controller and Mk II maxi controller aluminium panels to come back from CNC milling. I'll then be able to spray them and mount the PCBs, ready for the trip up to Stirling for the GMDX Group presentation at 15:30 on 1st April, A couple of weeks later I'll be heading off to the IDXC at Visalia, where I'm giving a similar presentation on Friday 21st April at 10:30. I'll post more about that in due course.


  1. Hi John
    Looking good, and all being well will be at the GMDX Convention, so looking forward to meeting up and seeing it in the flesh!
    Let me know if you need a 2nd Flex for demo (6300) etc.
    73, Ian

  2. That's grand Ian, see you there. I'm not sure that a second FlexRadio adds anything other than complexity to the presentation itself but feel free to bring it along if you want.

    73, John.