20 December 2016

What does it cost?

I've been asked a few times recently what sort of costs are likely to be involved in building the Mk II controller. To a large extent this is down to the builder's preferences - you can spend a shed-load of money on nice cabinetry, professional panel cutting, etc. The actual underlying hardware is relatively inexpensive.

I've done a quick costing exercise for both mini and maxi controllers. The midi, if anyone would be interested in one would be somewhere in between. This is what it looks like:

These don't seem unreasonable prices, compared, say, to a Maestro. Of course the Maestro does rather more - it has a panadapter/waterfall display and built in features such as keying that would be separate costs on the 'WGV controllers.

Eventually I will have to start thinking about PCB production and that, dear reader, will be the point at which you'll need to decide if you want in or not!

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