9 November 2016

Coding progress

I've had a pretty productive week on the Mk II controller software development front. The display panel is now more or less finished:

The layout is more or less identical to the Mk I screen, for the simple reason that it seems to work nicely from an ergonomics perspective. There are a few nice new features that were easier to implement in Windows than as native Arduino code:
  • The mute and lock indicators are now small icons that show the status graphically rather than in words.
  • The filter display is dynamic - its shape varies as the filter width and shift controls are used. This took a surprising amount of time to write!
  • Band and mode selection is now much neater, with a nice pop-up window...

This is brought up by pressing the programmed band/mode switch or by clicking on the mode indicators in the main screen. Band/mode selection is achieved by clicking or touching on the relevant pad.

Pretty well all the code behind the screen is now completed, so I am now somewhat ahead of myself in software terms and I really need to get on with the new PCB layout so I can get that into fab. Can't do that until some hardware arrives on the slow boat from the far east. Thinks... perhaps I should go and make some QSOs and stop sitting in front of this computer all day. Or go flying, or something.

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