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G3WGV Mk1 FlexRadio Controller

The Mk1 FlexRadio controller is an Arduino-based controller that works with the FlexRadio 6000 series of SDR transceivers. It does not support pan or waterfall displays, which means that it can (and probably will) be used in conjunction with SSDR running on a separate Windows system or the Maestro. The controller can be operated independently if the pan and waterfall displays are not required.


The following components are required for all implementations:
  • Arduino Due SBC
  • Ethernet shield, with micro-SD card fitted
  • CTE display shield
  • CTE CPLD Touch screen
  • VFO encoder(s)
  • Rotary encoders
  • Push button switches

Maximum physical configuration

8   VFO encoders (2 on 6300, 4 on 6500, 8 on 6700)
8   Rotary controls (e.g. volume, Tx power, etc.)
32 Push buttons


The controller software is written in C, using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Visual Micro Arduino plug in. The code is open source and is provided "as is". The program makes use of numerous libraries, some of which are generic Arduino products and others that are specific to the application:

Software components

G3WGV Mk1 controller application
This is the Arduino controller application. It is written in C and is open source. It has the following dependencies:
  • Ethernet library (see notes 1 and 2)
  • SPI library (see note 1)
  • SdFat library (see note 1)
  • TimeLib library (see note 1)
  • FlexRig library by IW7DMH (see note 3)
  • G3WGV StringLibrary 
  • G3WGV NTPTimeLibrary
  • G3WGV Flex functions/common definitions library
  • UTFT basic LCD library
  • UTFT_GHL advanced display library (see note 4)
  • UTouch touch screen library 
G3WGV Profile Manager (Windows app)
This is a standard Windows application, written in Delphi XE7. It manages the creation and uploading of profiles to the G3WGV Flex Controller.

  1. This is a standard Arduino library package
  2. There are several variants of the Ethernet library and two different Ethernet shields. The WIZ Ethernet library is preferred, as is the Ethernet 1 shield
  3. This library has been extensively modified by G3WGV. The controller requires the modified version of this library
  4. The UTFT_GHL library permits the use of multiple fonts, which are used by the Mk1 controller application. 

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